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10 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Style

Gentlemen, In our previous blog post we have talked about how to stand out and be the best dressed guy in the room. We strongly believe that it is not only about what you wear and how much the outfit you are wearing is worth but equally it is also about how confident you feel and how you mix and match individual items to draw the attention of the others. In this one we will give you 10 easy but very impactful tips to instantly improve your style. Invest in a cool pair of socks. People do notice things in life and the socks are absolutely one of them. A good quality pair that go well with the color of...

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Dress to impress - 4 great tips to look amazing

Gentlemen, Let’s assume that you are entering a room and it may be a business meeting with people you don’t know yet, a date you have been waiting for or the birthday party of a friend in downtown London. Actually it is quite insignificant where you are walking in, what today we are going to help you with is to being the best dressed guy in the room and with the highest confidence, so you can stand out from the crowd from the very first second you step in. Good news is you do not need to spend a fortune nor spend hours in front of your wardrobe trying to pick the outfit that will make you stand out. So let’s start....

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