Dress to impress - 4 great tips to look amazing


Let’s assume that you are entering a room and it may be a business meeting with people you don’t know yet, a date you have been waiting for or the birthday party of a friend in downtown London. Actually it is quite insignificant where you are walking in, what today we are going to help you with is to being the best dressed guy in the room and with the highest confidence, so you can stand out from the crowd from the very first second you step in. Good news is you do not need to spend a fortune nor spend hours in front of your wardrobe trying to pick the outfit that will make you stand out. So let’s start. We are quite excited that we are finally able to share this information with you as Moustard as it is also our first blog post!

 Blazer pocket square

Rule number 1. Step outside your comfort zone gentlemen! This is very important. We may all have a certain style we have been following for a lot years. Following that style will surely give you comfort however pushing slightly the boundaries of that is a great way to challenge yourself and discover how people might think about your alternative looks. One of the issues that the guys usually have is that they are too worried that the friends and other people are going to actually like your new pocket square for instance. Or a new pair of socks which are a little bit more colourful than your usual ones. So if you have never stepped outside of your comfort zone, take little steps, take feedbacks from people and see how you feel. You may like or you may not like. Then you can fine-tune your style in the next event. With this procedure you will slowly realize that your comfort zone will progress and you will be taking stronger steps towards being the best dressed guy out there with your confidence through the roof. 





Rule number 2. This is a very important one. There is nothing stronger to destroy the competition you might have in room than an outfit that fits you very well in terms of size and the harmony of the style and colours on the outfit. This will give the other people the impression that you are paying a good attention to how you are shopping and you have developed a sense of style. You really don’t need to go out and buy an entire wardrobe and spend a fortune on designer items!

Rule number 3. Never underestimate the difference the accessories with your outfit might make. Any confidently dresser dapper man knows very well that the clothes are just about covering your body and being functional. So what do James Bond, Jay Gatsby, Don Draper have in common? They are all sharp dressers. And all of them do wear a pocket square! They are a lot more than just a piece of cloth. It makes very little difference whether it is a 150£ one from a designer or a reasonably priced nice quality silk or wool one with the correct patterns that fit the rest of your outfit.

Gentleman socks

Rule number 4. Wear a tie! When people see a guy with a tie, they perceive them as a professional – whether young or older. If you are also able to support this professional look with your high confidence (by simply following the 1st rule) you already have a very strong chance that you are the best dressed man in the room. People do notice things in life. Also taking time to put together a good look with a nice tie will be noticed. 

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