10 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Style


In our previous blog post we have talked about how to stand out and be the best dressed guy in the room. We strongly believe that it is not only about what you wear and how much the outfit you are wearing is worth but equally it is also about how confident you feel and how you mix and match individual items to draw the attention of the others.

In this one we will give you 10 easy but very impactful tips to instantly improve your style.

  1. Invest in a cool pair of socks. People do notice things in life and the socks are absolutely one of them. A good quality pair that go well with the color of the rest of your outfit will easily step up your game. Socks also do say a lot about your character. We have all been told by our dads and even granddads that the “socks should match the colour of the trousers”. That might be good rule for their generation and also it might be appropriate in a very formal business environment but for creative dressers it is just boring! We believe that even when with bright and colorful socks that do not necessarily match the trousers, you can look sharp, stylish and interesting. It might just require a bit more attention but once you are confident and know what you are doing it will come naturally. And no! Sports socks don't go with dress shoes. Be sure to visit our Instagram account to check out the styles you might get with #Moustard products. And check out our socks collection in our shop. We will surely add more in our portfolio as we receive more feedback from you!


    Yellow mustard socks


  2. Don't be afraid to be brave & bold with your palette prowess - leaving your comfort zone can be rewarding and in order to discover new styles that would look good on you. Go and pick some daring colors with great patterns that are not seen everywhere. This will not only make you stand out in the crowd but also make your outfit instantly more interesting. As Moustard, we design each and every product with a very special attention to the tones of the colors and uniqueness of the patterns. If you haven’t done so, please check our range of products.


  3. Ladybug pocket squareAccessorize! It is such an easy thing to do it makes the world of difference. And not everyone actually does it which is a good opportunity to outshine your buddies and gain attention with your unique attention to details. A bracelet is an good example and it is gaining a lot of popularity. A nice bracelet that goes well with the colors and the style of the rest of your outfit will always be appreciated and gain attention. 
  4. Mixing and matching is the ultimate goal of the modern gentleman. When this is executed well, anything you are wearing will be stepping up to the next level of awesomeness. But it is very easy to do it wrong and look awkward as well. So, as a rule of thumb if you are not an expert and know what you are doing, limit the pattern matching to two in an outfit. If you nail the two. This means that if are wearing a solid jacket, go with a patterned tie with a patterned shirt. It is not too complicated and once you become more comfortable and understand the rules you can then limit with three patterns.


  5. Get a white clean fitted dress shirt that is tailored to your body. Wordings such as “Fitted” or “slim fit” does not mean that it will fit you perfectly. Always try it on before you buy and make sure it is perfect on the shoulders and the arm length is spot on. You can consider a nice white shirt like a canvas that give you a great platform to demonstrate your creativity with the selection of right colors and patterns.


  6. Shoes have been / are / will always be important for every gentlemen. Great pair of black shoes and a matching belt will always work with suits or nice pairs of jeans. Oxfords, bluchers and loafers are the ones you can confidently go for. Just make sure they are not too shiny… A quality pair will always draw attention and gain compliments regardless of the shininess.


  7. While the origin is still open for discussion, ties are believed to have evolved from Chinese and Roman military outfits. They were then used to show the soldiers are committed to their leader. Since then, they have mostly changed practicality for symbolism, presenting a badge of belonging, -to a school, a club or just for fashion-. And when we look throughout the history almost every men in power have worn ties. We think it is because all of this men have in common the ambition to show the world that how they look matters to them. Ties are a very important part of the outfit because is the focal point of the outfit particularly if it is in color. And when we look at the number of case studies that have been performed in the past it is found that the men perceive the tie as most business-like. And the women perceive the men wearing a tie more trustworthy. And ties are very good conversation starters. We think these are enough reasons that every gentleman should invest in ties with great colors and patterns. Take a look at our selection of 100% cotton knitted ties that will look great with various styles.


    Moustard gift box


  8. ​ Pay attention not only to your outfit but also your hygiene and grooming as you send the message to the outside world about your self worth. You may have the most amazing items in your wardrobe but without these they will not be worth much.


  9.  Never wear together a tie and pocket square that have same fabric and patterns that came as a set. These have never been cool and will instantly make you look like a novice dresser.


  10. The last one is not related to what you wear but how you behave. So first and foremost, confidence! Never forget to wear confidence no matter how good you are in mix & match, colors or patterns. You always need this to look great and always in style! And second, don’t be afraid to give compliments! People will like you more and and appreciate your attention to their looks.


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