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What is Moustard

Moustard is the new kid on the block in the men’s fashion accessories industry. We specialise in uniquely designed socks, ties, bracelets, pocket squares and lapel pins. We are continuously working on the new and interesting designs to enhance the looks of the modern gentleman. We are firm believers at Moustard that fashion isn’t just what’s in the shops or on the catwalk but it is more about combining different trends and finding your own unique looks.

At Moustard, we want to make it accessible for each gentleman to have these modern accessories available at great prices. Whether you are into the latest fashion trends or you are one of those gentlemen who like to have classic pieces as a part of their wardrobe we have got them all covered for you from head to toe! Each item is designed with special attention, we have unique products that can´t be found anywhere else in the market and will make you look and feel your best. Each design gets special attention by our team which is why we are sure that you are going to love what you will see. We are here to make men look sharper and even admirable through their fashion sense. As long as you are shopping from Moustard, dressing like a proper modern gentleman is not a prohibitive activity!



Pocket square



The brand Moustard was born in the UK in 2015 by two friends that were sharing the same passion and concerns about men’s fashion accessories market. Being both of us full-time workers in a Corporate environment, we realized that men’s accessories were hugely underestimated in everyone’s daily looks and hence they were losing a great opportunity to stand out, raise the self-confidence bar and feel great about their styles. We believe that the first impressions and being able to start a conversation are two extremely important things in today’s world and they are indeed what lead to anything great we see around us. So we designed everything at Moustard so that we can help gentlemen gain as many points as possible during interviews, meetings, most important dates or any other social event where they want to look and feel great.

We can now proudly say that Moustard is live and offering uniquely crafted and high quality accessories that –hopefully- any man of class will die for. We are here to redefine the modern gentleman’s looks!