Our Story

What is Moustard?

Moustard was born in the UK in 2016 by two friends that were sharing the same passion and concerns about the fashion accessories market. Being both full-time workers in a Corporate environment, we realised that the world of fashion accessories was hugely underestimated in everyone's daily looks and hence they were losing a great opportunity to stand out, raise the self-confidence bar and feel great about their styles.

Moustard has a very unique approach to design and always uses top quality materials for longer-lasting and good-looking socks. 

We design all of the socks including the sock gift boxes by finding inspirations in everyday world, everywhere we go and do. We focus not only on producing single pairs of socks but also something that people would love to receive as a gift for special occasions. Thus, in every new collection we pick three or four carefully-selected themes that we use to create our fantastic 4-pair gift boxes.

Say goodbye to your old, boring, plain-coloured socks, the revolution has arrived to your feet. 

Wear Moustard, feel good.

Barkan and Pablo, Founders of Moustard London

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